Hypothyroidism and its shenanigans.

Hello Everyone! Today’s blog, I will be writing about Hypothyroidism and its shenanigans.

Ever since I was a little girl, I struggled with my weight. I could easily gain it, and sometimes loose it just as fast. I was very active as a child, ate normal food portions, Never went over board.

In 2007 after having my 3rd daughter, I had my gall bladder removed. A month after it seem as though my clothes was getting way too tight. I couldn’t understand why. I would work out everyday at home eating normal, and staying active. So, luckily I was able to see my primary physician. Blood work was done, sure enough My thyroid tests showed irregularities , demonstrating that my Doctor’s theory was confirmed. I got diagnosed with Hypothyroid disease as well as Iron deficiency syndrome. My hair was falling out so bad, and I was 20 years old at the time.

The weight gain was unbelievable! I was horrified, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I hated to go out. I started just wearing pajama pants and big T-shirts, to I guess somehow hide my weight. I gave up. Felt so disgusted at myself, all I ever wanted to do was sleep, eat and cry myself to sleep. So, Every chance I had to do exactly just that, That’s what I would do. My boyfriend at the time would try his absolute hardest to make me feel beautiful. He would constantly remind me that what made me beautiful in the first place, was my heart and soul. One night, we decided, well more like I was dragged to the club with a group of friends. I usually was the life of the party. I loved to dance. But, that night was a low blow. When I tried to move how I use to, on the dance floor, WOW, I seriously couldn’t. It hit me hard and I was just so ready to leave. Never felt so out of place that bad like I did that night.

One month later after this night, I went in to see my Doctor. He had ran the test a week prior to my appointment and he tells me “Well Ms.Morales, Your thyroid levels are back to normal and you will no longer need to continue taking the synthroid.”

I asked hesitantly “So, does this mean I am okay? Why is my hair still falling out then? Why do I continue to gain so much weight?” His answer to that was “Perhaps you aren’t sleeping correctly or enough. You might need to be put on a diet, and stress can be causing the hair loss.” At this point I was too upset to continue asking questions, It seemed as though, he wasn’t interested to answer or hear my concerns. I went home disappointed , as it is to be expected. I check my mail. To my luck my insurance had been cancelled as I no longer qualified. GREAT! What now?

I started thinking, perhaps the doctor is right. I need to eat differently and take better care of myself. I put my best foot forward to do so. The weight just kept going higher.I was frustrated and depressed. I stared suffering from severe migraines, insomnia , and anxiety. At this time, I was turning 22 and I am quite short. My height is 5’2 an I was weighing a whooping 250 pounds. The biggest I’ve ever been in my entire life. Eventually, I put on my big girl panties and faced the issue head on. I did research which quite frankly at the time there was not much information on the internet ad there is now. I came to terms with my illness. I started fixing myself up, going out again , engaging without feeling embarrassed. Physically I was no the old me, but my inner always was. My self esteem was back. Started dressing sexy and beautiful again. Weight should never determine how we feel. So many people on this earth struggle with different sickness that prevent the weight loss, there for we should never let our illnesses take over or run us, we run them.

All these years I went with no medicine. It was truly one heck of a roller coaster. By the time I gave birth to my last and 5th child, 2 weeks after giving birth inexplicably I lost a ton of weight. I was weighing 169 pounds! I was ecstatic. I had the nurses re check and weigh me on another scale in case that one was broken. To my surprise, it was true. I embraced every single minute of my weigh loss. Started eating healthy even subscribed to the gym. I was feeling wonderful.

2 years later, a huge turn of events changed all that I had accomplished. I decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee to be with at the time fiancee and father of my child. We move on a October month the year of 2013. By that December, I noticed a huge difference. I was tired, headaches, breaking out, my hair was falling off like crazy, my nails were brittle, my skin extra dry and the hardest part my clothes stopped fitting. I was yet again, sad and worried. I did not want to go through this yet again. I thankfully qualified for medical benefits, which I immediately went to a doctor. She was amazing and did not look at me like if I was insane. She said, “You were right Ms.Morales, Your thyroid levels are quite out of whack. I will put you on 75 mg of Levothyroxine. I also have to put you on cholesterol medicine because your cholesterol is out of control. When your thyroid levels are this out of control it affects your cholesterol.” I was excited that I was going to get the treatments to get me healthy once again.  After a few months, I felt better. The hair was still falling out, headaches and so forth. I was too happy in this new life, new State full of possibilities. Then, something unexpected happened. My fiancee at the time was asked by the company he worked for, for us to move back right away to Florida. I was devastated, not only because I had become fond of our new home but because of my health. Once back in Florida, I thankfully was able to continue treatment with new doctor and new insurance. To make a long story short. I once again went 6 months with no Medication. My weight escalated quickly. All my symptoms were back with a vengeance. By the time I finally saw a doctor was, in the Emergency room. I almost passed out, to my surprise my Iron was at a 4.2 which required mandatory hospitalization , blood and Iron transfusion. They also discovered that my Thyroid was haywire, SHOCKER!

After that whole ordeal,  3 months later I was finally seeking the medical attention I needed. When I started seeing my now Doctor Last year I was weighing 225 pounds. It killed me to see that. I had hope I was on my way to recovery and that my health was going to get better. In December of 2016, In my weigh in I had lost some I was down to 217. I take it! Any little accomplishment is better then none, right?

Well, January 2017 a met a great person, who became my best friend. He so happens to be Vegan. We got to talking about it. But my other best friend had mentioned that twice a year she did a 21 day diet from the bible The Daniel diet, and how clean and great she felt. I was officially intrigued. So, I asked my vegan friend a few questions did some research. In no time I was at my local super market shopping for vegan food. Since February 2017 till today, I have lost 34 pounds. I was weighing 217 in December and now I am at 183. I feel great. I also got the great news from the doctors that my iron as well as my thyroid levels are under control. Great news! I am super excited and feeling great.

If you have certain symptoms, and your doctor isn’t running the right test, don’t give up. Please seek a second opinion. Thyroid disease is quite serious and its not to be take lightly. For the ones that are still in this struggle and feel light the weight is not coming off and your hair is falling off, I will leave some tips that have been helpful to me. I will also before and after photos and a Hypothyroid symptom chart.

For hair loss: I changed my shampoo and conditioner products. I started using Shea Moisture brand titled Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and grow. They also have a hair mask of  the same. The hair masks are very helpful. Thanks to that my hair loss is not insane as before. Very little to none. Just keep in mind that if your thyroid levels are not under control no shampoos or treatments will help since this is a side effect of this pesky disease.

How did I manage to loose that much in little months?

I started eating vegan products and gluten free. Stopped eating after 6pm. I stopped eating out of the house. Cut off the sodas and candy and increased on the water intake. I am quite active since I have 5 kiddos. I encourage for you guys to also do some light cardio an little weights.

Thanks to these changes I have seen such a huge difference, even my doctor noticed. My plan is to continue on with my eating habits and such loose a little more to start hitting the big girls and men machines at the gym.

Medical attention is advised. If you suspect you might have Hypothyroidism, please consult your primary physician at your earliest convenience. Hope you have found this helpful. May you all stay healthy, positive and keep fighting back and kick Hypothyroid

symptoms in the rear. Until next time….


HypoThyroid Mom Diaries.

Top photos are my before my thyroid was under control. 220 pounds

Bottom is now. 183 pounds. We can and we will! Stay positive.

Below this picture, is the chart of the most common Hypothyroid symptoms.




We are Wonder Woman..

Hello Everyone!! My first blog will be about my first experience in a relationship. It was a hard time in my life as I was only 14.

This is my story….

I am a single mom of five. Yes! You read right Five kiddos. Many people have a hard time believing this because I recently just turned 30 years old. I became a first time mom at the mere age of 14. The situation around that was not the best. It was truly a horrible experience that till this day I find it difficult to discuss. He was older, 5 years older to be exact. I was 14 and he was 19 at the time that we met. My mom allowed us to date because of course, it was supervised at all times. We weren’t allowed to go anywhere alone. Like any, at his age he had his own car and a job.It was supervised, until one day I got convinced by him to skip school and go on a date with him. Just us. I was quite naive. So, the day happen, we went on our long awaited date. But, what happened on that date was something that I was not expecting or even wanted. At the time, believe it or not I had no clue what sex was. I only knew, kissing and holding hands. My very young self had no clue what was in store. Skipping the details of that day and so on, I found myself sick, very sick. Obviously he had experience and suspected why I was so sick. The sickness turned out to be my first child growing inside. I was so scared. I didn’t know what in the world was happening or what was in store. Of course my mom didn’t take it so well. What parent would take the news of their 14 year old daughter being pregnant well?

After so many problems at home I got told that I needed to move out to be with my child’s father because I had just become his responsibility. Which understandably so, seems quite fitting. It was truly hell for me. Down to being mistreated by his mother and at times by him. He made the step to get us our own apartment. Big mistake! Once living alone my hell was far from over. Things just got worst. I was so alone. There was time we had no food or drinkable water. For an expecting mother that was quite hungry it was terrible. I had no means of communication. So, there was times I would go 2 days with no food in my system. To then have him come home and mistreat me as well. Yes, I had just become a victim of domestic violence.

It was so terrible. I felt so hurt and depressed. My young mind wouldn’t allow me to even wrap my head around it. And I would constantly have conversations with God and ask him, Why me? Can you just let me die already God? I cant do this!!!

It was truly a scary horrible experience. Few months later, a healthy baby girl was born. But, I had no idea what I was doing. I had nurses and people telling me how to do everything because I had no Idea.It was truly an overwhelming experience.

Once at home, nothing improved. Things actually got worst. To make an extra long story short, I finally got the courage to leave. Moved back in with my mom. But, didn’t feel right. I had no money and struggling to keep up with my baby’s needs. I finally gave in and moved back in with him. Why? well he would threatened to not provide for our daughter until I moved in with him.

Things were great for a while. And I figured, yes he is changing. I was solely mistaken. Things continued on, being bad to worst yet again. Down to emotional and physical abuse. Until one day, a voice told me “That’s enough, Leave”. And well, I tried.

He got physical and threatened me with a knife. I was scared out of my mind. I tried to call the police, since finally we had a phone. Once I picked up that phone to call for help, holding the knife to me he ripped the cables off the wall. That not being enough, he took our 1 year old daughter to the room and locked him self in there while holding the knife. I was overwhelmingly scared for her. But, I took the bull by its horns. I opened the room door taking a risk, grabbed my daughter plugged the phone back in and called police. My baby girl, ran under the table while she witnessed her dad hitting me, slamming me against the floor, all the while she is screaming and crying. Finally, Police came!

But of course , since I was 14, all the police said was he will not be allowed to enter the premises for 5 days and that I had 5 days to leave. I had evident physical marks to prove the abuse but nothing was done. I packed up and left. My mom worked something out with him to where he would be able to visit our child but only under supervision while she was home. A few months passed and I was old enough to get a job. Thanks to my  mom, I started working at McDonald’s.
Everything seemed to be somewhat back to normal and falling into place.

well, life likes to throw us curve balls. He came by, while mom wasn’t home to bring some money for our daughter. It quickly turned ugly. My brother, at the time 15 had to jump on him to get him off me. And he did. He said he will never help out with my daughter again. three months passed, he disappeared and I felt at peace,

Well, that did not last long. He started making threats to take away my daughter and so forth. My mom was a struggling single mom with now a grand child to look after. We couldn’t afford a lawyer. I made calls, but because at the time, the law stated that since I was a minor and could barely financially support my daughter he could’ve gotten full custody of her. That terrified me! So, I submitted to his commands and wishes. I was 16 about to turn 17. The threats and mistreatment continued. My paychecks were never enough. Getting paid anywhere from $60- $70 every 2 weeks were not anywhere near enough to support myself and my child.

My easiest way was, just do what he says and asks of you. My conscience would play tricks. My brain would tell me “Just do it, its not for you dumb girl its for her”. I belittled myself to such ways that till this day it mind boggles me that I would do such thing and feed into that. But I remind myself you were too young to know better. Me submitting myself to all that he asked for, in exchange for his financial help for our daughter and him not fighting for custody, led to yet another hard hit.

Hurricane season that 2004 year hit Florida quite hard. The last one was not as bad, but for me it felt like my world was going to come to an end. I fell at my job, which required immediate doctor attention. Before I got x-rays, as it is procedure they must do a pregnancy test. Welp, that’s when I found out that months from my 18th birth day I was to become a mother for a second time. Imagine the shock, the despair and the “I hate my life thoughts” that I had at the moment. I told him. His reaction was, you’re on your own. My mom was very angry. And well, with everything that had happened as well as I never even finished school or had achieved nothing in life. She thought abortion was the best answer in this case. I was driven to the clinic to take care of it. And to my surprise, I was 28 weeks pregnant. Little did I know I was that far along since I had no symptoms and got my period. So obviously that exit door had to come to a close. My mom was angry, but after a while she came to terms with it and became super supportive to the best of her ability. As for him, He wanted nothing to do with the baby on the way as he claims the child wasn’t his.

March 1 2005, yet another healthy baby girl was born. I had to learn how to juggle work life an mom life. DNA was done, and sadly for him she was his child. I am a quite honest person and that’s something you don’t play with.

after she was born, he did threatened me a few times. But I was no longer scared of him. I got the courage and put a restraining order and when ahead o the courts to get court order child support so he could never hurt me or use my daughter needs against me. Took so much strength and courage to do so. It felt great. Felt free! Felt safe!

I obviously ended up needing a second job, to be able to support them comfortably an pay for child care on my own. Him? He disappeared for years. Until our second daughter got so ill that we might of needed his consent for a decision. Thankfully my daughter made it through. Three times there were huge emergencies with the girls, and he actually showed face. But, has refused to be an active father in their lives. They are now 15 and 12. Bright young girls that I am proud to call mine.

I share this story because, even though I’m writing it, its truly a hard part of my life to share.  But I want to be an open book. I want to share my life stories and experiences because you never know who is on the other side reading it that might be perhaps in the same or similar situation and need the courage to get out.

Don’t ever be afraid to say no! Dot ever be afraid to leave! Don’t let anyone ever intimidate you so badly that you become so fragile that those people or person does anything and everything they want from you. Seek help. There are many places that will give you living arrangements and protection placements. A piece of paper sometimes its not enough, so sometimes other drastic measures must be taken to keep yourself safe and most of all the children involved. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence or suffering from severe depression and perhaps suicidal thoughts.Here are some numbers they can call or you as a friend or family member call and pass the information a long. Don’t wait till it’s too late to get help.

You are not alone. That was my biggest mistake. Thinking I was alone, that I had no way out and that’s what I deserved and I was wrong. No one deserves that. And I mean NO ONE!

Seek help, believe me its out there.

I hope you find this helpful in an way or inspirational.

there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up or give in,God has better for us. Keep Fighting and continue being strong. Until next blog, God Bless!

National Suicide prevention lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Domestic violence hotline: 1-800-799-7233


                                                         HypoThyroid Mom Diaries